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Introducing Polly!
The AI Policy Chatbot

Polly is the AI policy assistant that helps you learn, understand, and engage with AI policy updates from around the world.  Using AI capabilities trained on the latest information, Polly provides you with concise answers on the policy text of recent laws, recommendations, and positions from governing bodies.

Ever wonder what the standing policy is on a given matter in AI, or how it will affect you or your business? Polly can search vast databases to keep you in the know.

How to use Polly
  • Scroll to the chatbot app below and ask Polly a question.

    • Give prompts such as, "Generate a bulleted sumary of AI policy in Argentina?" ​

  • Receive an instant response with information about your topic.

  • Have questions about the response? Ask Polly for details and further explanation.

  • Ask questions in multiple languages! Most responses are in English but Polly can also reply in select languages.

Help us improve by giving us your feedback. You can rate each response with a thumbs up or thumbs down.


Ask questions, and get answers. Polly: Another unique solution from Quantum Edge!  

*Please Note* Polly is meant to inform based on published policy papers. Answers are AI generated and may not reflect current policy. Please consider confirming important information. 

Connecting Dots
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